Students may take part in the website category either as an individual, or in groups of 2-5 students. The website category allows for a flexible and creative telling of history, allowing students to use graphs, images, audio, video, and text to demonstrate a depth of insight, while developing technology-based skills. For NHD, websites must adhere to the following rules:

· Students must use the website creator found at

· The maximum length is 1200 student-created words (quotations, Process Paper, and the Annotated Bibliography do not count toward the word count)

· Multimedia clips can be no longer than 45 seconds

· Students must have a Process Paper and Annotated Bibliography as part of their website.

· Further information on rules can be found in the National History Day Rule Book

Website URLs are due in to contest organizers three weeks before the contest so that the projects can be distributed to judges for evaluation. On the day of the contest, website creators will display their projects to be viewed and appreciated by judges, other student participants, teachers, and guests.

Samples of past websites include:

The Integrated Circuit: The Tipping Point” for the 2010 Theme Innovation in History: Impact and Change

The Berlin Conference (1884-1885): Dominant Diplomacy, Dire Consequences” for the 2011 Theme Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences

The Great Leap Forward: The Disease of Hope” for 1st place in Group Website at NHD 2012!

For a  description of how your work will be judged, and to find an exemplar, visit the NHD Asia Judge’s Corner for Websites. Password is nhdasia2015.