Dramatic Performance

Dramatic Performance Set

Dramatic Performance Set

Students may take part in NHD by creating a Dramatic Performance, either as an individual or group of 2-5 students. Dramatic Performances help nurture creativity and build upon students’ many diverse talents as a way to present solid historical research in innovative, creative ways. Students demonstrate a mastery of research skills, integrate primary sources into their performance, utilize creative costumes and props, all while advancing the proof of the thesis. For NHD, Dramatic Performances must adhere to the following rules:

· Maximum length is 10 minutes

· Entries must have a Process Paper and Annotated Bibliography (presented to judges at the contest)

· Further information on rules can be found in the National History Day Rule Book

At the contest, students will present their Dramatic Performance to the judges and audience, then have a short interview with the judges about the project, research process, and other specifics related to the topic.

For a  description of how your work will be judged, and to find an exemplar, visit the NHD Asia Judge’s Corner for Dramatic Performance. Password is nhdasia2015.