Documentary Film

Students may take part in NHD by creating a Documentary Film, either as an individual or group of 2-5 students. Documentary Films allow students to use technology, interview experts and participants in the event, and analyze history using a variety of tools and skills. For NHD, Documentary Films must adhere to the following rules:

· Maximum length is 10 minutes

· Must have brief credits at the end of the film, noting best sources

· Entries must have a Process Paper and Annotated Bibliography (presented to judges at the contest)

· Further information on rules can be found in the National History Day Rule Book

Documentary Films are due in to contest organizers three weeks before the contest so that the projects can be distributed to judges for evaluation. On the day of the contest, Documentary Filmmakers will show their projects to be viewed and appreciated by judges, other student participants, teachers, and guests. Following the viewing, students will have a brief interview with judges about the project, research process, and other specifics related to the topic.

To upload your documentary film entry, please click on these Instructions.

For a  description of how your work will be judged, and to find an exemplar, visit the NHD Asia Judge’s Corner for Documentary Films. Password is nhdasia2015.

2017 UPDATE: This year all NHD China documentaries will be submitted through There is a three-step process to successfully submit your video for judging. All videos must be submitted by 6pm, Monday, February 13th.

Step 1: Obtain access to a VPN if you are in mainland China and create a Youtube channel.

Step 2: Upload your video in the highest resolution possible to Youtube. Uploading high quality videos can take a long time, so we recommend that you use a good VPN and a strong internet connection for the upload. Students who are located in Shanghai are welcome to use Concordia International School’s campus wifi and VPN if this makes the process easier. Please email to arrange for a time to upload.

Step 3: Once the upload is complete, you will receive a url for your video. Email the url of your documentary with the title of your project and the names of all group members to This step is very important as the url’s will be distributed to judges in order to view your completed work.

If you have any questions about this process, please email and we will help you get your project submitted! Good luck!