Concordia Presents…

A Teacher/Student Opportunity to Learn History on Location in Shanghai, China

Raising the bar for international school in Asia, Concordia International School-Shanghai offers American-based curriculum widely recognized for its dedication to academic excellence and innovative activity programs in athletics, fine arts, and cultural learning. Technology is woven into the curriculum and is an integral component of the learning process. Concordia thrives on its vibrant international community and strong parental participation, which provide a nurturing environment and a foundation for the entire family’s success. Founded on Christian values in 1998, Concordia offers a 21st Century education for over 1200 expatriate students from 775 families who seek a close community feel and world-class results.

Concordia’s High School provides its student body with an annual weeklong educational travel experience within China called “TrIBES” (Transforming Individuals By Education and Service). The program seeks to develop communication and leadership skills, self-reliance and compassion as well as an in-depth view of our host country. Concordia’s TrIBES courses are diverse and include community service, cultural studies, and outdoor adventure. “Shanghai: Old and New”, one of the twenty-three TrIBES courses in 2016, fosters discussion and exposure to cultural diversity and historical understanding of this unique Chinese city.

General Information

In preparation for the trip and while on site, participants commit to taking part is a serious academic study, completing preparatory readings, actively and respectfully taking part in academic discussions and maintaining an open mind as we encounter controversial topics through the study program. 

  • The history under examination is often controversial, requiring some sensitivity while discussing certain issues;
  • Participants commit to following the lead of the organizers and guides in determining the appropriate place and time to discuss certain issues.

Portions of the trip are moderately physically demanding; participants must be able to stand for several hours as well as visit museums and walk for approximately three miles as we tour city sites.

At times, accommodations and food along the trip will be quite different than most Americans expect while traveling.

Overall, an open mind, willingness to take on intellectually challenging material, flexibility and commitment to active, positive engagement in a group setting are the attributes that are sought in interested applicants.

Deadline for submitting completed application materials is April 8, 2016.

Decisions will be announced by May 1, 2016.

For additional information and to submit completed application materials, email our Off-Campus Education Coordinator,


Teacher/Student pairs must meet the following basic requirements. Please ensure compliance with these requirements before beginning the application process.

  1. Both the teacher and student must be affiliated with the same school;
  2. The teacher must be employed by the school for the academic year of 2016-2017;
  3. The students must be in grade 9, 10, 11, or 12 for the academic year of 2016-2017;
  4. The teacher and student must be able to prove prior administrative and parental approval to attend the trip, nothing that the dates for the study program are September 23-29, 2016;
  5. The teacher and student must agree to make at least two presentations to audiences in the U.S. about their experiences on the study program—these presentations may be, but are not limited to: presentations to a history class, local fund-raising donors, at educational workshops or conferences, and National History Day competitions.

Application Process:

The teacher/student team must submit the following documents to Concordia’s Off-Campus Education Coordinator on or before the April 8, 2016 deadline:

  1. A cover letter written by the student explaining their interest in the study program, their past experiences with travel and/or historical research, their goals for involvement in this program, and any other relevant information.
  2. Teacher’s resume including full name, work title and institution, work and home addresses, and a work or home email address.
  3. A letter of recommendation for the teacher from a teaching colleague or supervising administrator attesting to the applicant’s suitability for this intellectually stimulating, culturally diverse learning experiences.
  4. A letter of recommendation for the student from a teacher (other than the applying teacher) attesting to the student’s attributes that would make the individual a positive addition to the study program.
  5. Proof of Administrative approval for both the Teacher and Student to participate in the study program.
  6. Proof of Parental approval for the Student to participate in the study program.
  7. Completed Teacher and Student medical releases provided by Concordia International School-Shanghai.
  8. Following the initial submission of application materials, finalists will be required to conduct a Skype phone call with study trip organizers to further discuss the applicants’ suitability for the opportunity.

Deadline for Submitting Application Materials: Submit completed application materials to by 8PM (EST) on April 8, 2016.


Concordia International School will cover the following expenses for each participant:

· Homestay arrangements are available for up to 2 says before and after the study program as needed;
· Room and board (double occupancy) during the study program (teachers will room with other teachers and students will room with other students);
· Meals, entry fees, ground transportation while in Shanghai and during study program;
· Reading materials in preparation for the study program

Participants are responsible for arranging and paying for the following:

· Meals and personal purchases while staying with host family before or after the study program;
· Souvenirs and personal purchases during the study program;
· Travel arrangements and costs associated with international flights to and from starting point and Shanghai, China (PVG)
· A passport valid at least until April 2017
· A visa to enter China