Begin Your Research

On this page you will find links and sub-pages that will address your specific needs concerning the research process, research methodologies, and the crafting of bibliographies. There is even an embedded Symbaloo page filled with links to sites that can kick start your research into primary- and secondary sources on the web. Choose the resources that you need.

Research ImageFirst, JSTOR’s Research Basics. Free! Here are the subjects learned in three, 1-hour (or less) sessions:

Module 1: Effective Searching
Lesson 1: Using Library Tools
Lesson 2: Smart Searching Methods
Lesson 3: Managing Information Overload
Module 2: Establishing Credibility
Lesson 1: The A-B-Cs of Scholarly Sources
Lesson 2: Additional Ways of Identifying Scholarly…
Lesson 3: Verifying Online Sources
Module 3: Citing Scholarly Work
Lesson 1: Creating Citations
Lesson 2: Citing and Paraphrasing
Lesson 3: Works Cited, Bibliographies, and Notes

Blue metal compass

This year’s theme is Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History. Read this PDF carefully in order to shape our choice of topic.

Next, check out the Navigation Series from Curricular Pathways. Available for free, the SAS Writing Navigator is a suite of tools that provides guidance and support throughout the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, and publishing.

Next, check out this information on building bibliographies and saving sites that you research. Again, all free!

Ready to discover great online resources? Use the groups of non-database links gathered for you in all one place, the NHD & Research Symbaloo page.

Finally, which medium will you choose to demonstrate your learning? go to the medium-specific pages on NHD Asia Judge’s Corner website to discover the specifics of your medium. The password is nhdasia2015.