2014 Winners

Individual Dramatic Performance:

Third Place: Academic Freedom, by Annie Ning

Second Place: Soong May-ling, by Gillian Chu First Place:

The Baby Bollinger Case, by Danise Au


Group Dramatic Performance:

Third Place: The Munitionettes, by Amber Lin, Anita Zheng, & Victoria Liu

Second Place: The Nuremberg Laws, by Michaela Nelsen, Talya Estey, & Duncan Wang

First Place: The Nuremberg Code, by Chenchen Yuan, Lora Yip, & Jonathan Richards


Third Place: The Pledge of Allegiance, by Daphne Fong

Second Place: Legal Mists: The toxic Haze of Agent Orange, by Jessica Yu

First Place: Dorothea Dix: A Moral Responsibility, Rights for the Indigent Insane, by Joyce Lam

Individual Documentary Film:

Third Place: Educational for All Handicapped Children Act, by Tori Gordon

Second Place: The Gwangju Massacre, by Hans Lee

First Place: Hollywood, Hollywon’t: The Hays Code, by Drake Li

Group Documentary Film:

Third Place: March on Washington, by Jacquelyn Wu; Kelly Pun; Chris He

Second Place: Shanghai Foreign Settlements, by Tim Yu; Aaron Chow; Natalie Liu; Karis Tai)

First Place: Angel Island: Station of Tears, by Madison Boll, Sarah Dillemuth

Individual Website:

Third Place: Executive Order 9066: America’s Stigma of Shame, by Shin Yeh The

Second Place: Standard Oil Company, by Sabrina Yin

First Place: When Religion Meets Politics: Iran’s Governmental Rights & Responsibilities, by Shannon Hwang

Group Website:

Third Place: Conspiracy of Goodness, by Young Zheng; Andrea Lim; Andy Kang; and Angela Cheng

Second Place: Statute of Anne: Birth of Copyright, by Caleb Nghe; Justin Liu; and Andrew Chang

First Place: The Guardian of Rights: Nanking Foreigners, by Vivian Hou; Nate Brantingham; and Yiluo Li

Individual Exhibit:

Third Place: Women in World War I, by Katherine Jiang

Second Place: Prohibition, by Kimberly Yang

First Place: Chinese in Montana, by Alec Richards

Group Exhibit:

Third Place: Newsboy Strike, by Bekah Klingberg & Martha Ideker

Second Place: Lebensborn, by Ariel Remley, Iruoma Ekpunobi, & Danielle Brennen

First Place: Peasant’s Revolt: by Stephanie Fan, Annie Chen, & Emily Leng