2013 Winners


Research Paper:

First Place:  A Turning Point in History: General Philip Sheridan’s Overlooked Legacy: By Victoria Chen

Second Place: The Trial of John Peter Zenger: Crossroads of the Written Word: By Mindy Liu

Third Place:  China’s Open Door Policy:  By Kahui Park


Individual Documentary Film: nat_history_day-0707-Small

First Place: Turing’s Turning Point: Unlocking the Computer By Jonathan Tai

Second Place:  Vernon L. Schatz: Bringing Money Transfer into the Digital Age By Tori Gordon

 Third Place:  The Tet Offensive:  By Marcus Yee


Group Documentary Films 

First Place: Title IX: The Journey to Equal Opportunities By Madison Boll, Sarah Dillemuth, Jarod Baldwin

Second Place:  Atomic Destruction: The Story of Hiroshima: By Tim Yu, Alexander Barksdale, Miguel Abouchedid

Third Place: Sputnik:  By Natalie Liu, Aaron Chow, Zhaoyong Zheng


Individual Dramatic Performance: nat_history_day-0792

First Place: Adding Militancy to the Mosaic: The Turning Point Women’s Suffrage: By Katie Scheu

Second Place: Ruth Ellis: Crime of Passion: By Annie Ning


Group Dramatic Performance:

First Place: The Stonewall Riot: From the Pits of Christopher Street to the Path of Acceptance By Kimberly Yang, Audrey Lee, Yu Hong Hwang

Second Place: Brilliance in Simplicity: The History of Ball Point Pens: By Emma Larsen, Talya Estey, Duncan Wang

Third Place: FDR and the Letter: By Carolyn Best, Justin Liu, Nancy Lu


Individual Website:

First Place: Competing Associations: Coming Together for Women’s Suffrage: By Violet Lim

Second Place: The Patient Package Insert: Introducing Consumer Advocacy to the Medical System By Jessica Miao

Third Place: War of Currents: Lighting an Electrical Revolution: By Elizabeth Tonn


Group Website:

First Place:  The Reversal of Despair: Deng’s Economic Reforms:  By William Wang, Ji Soo Kim, Steven Pan, Allen Wang

Second Place: Archie:  The Ancestor Of Google:  By Caleb Nghe, Shannon Spencer, Vivian Lu

Third Place:  The White Terror: By Haley Sims, Sophia Fan, Bahar Haste