2012 Winners


Finalists for Group Documentary Film with Mr. Mark Johnson and Dr. Brent Glass

Research Papers:

First Place:  Changing Tides: The Dutch Revolution & Eighty Years War

Second Place:  From the Demise of a Disease to the Rise of a Revolution: Smallpox Inoculations

Third Place:  The Lost Chance: US Foreign Policy in China in the First Half of the 20th Century


Individual Website:

First Place:  Artificial Satellites: Making a Revolutionary Platform of Technology and Innovation

Second Place:  The Chinese Exclusion Act: Reacting to the “Yellow Peril”

Third Place:  Donora Death Fog: Reforming the Federal Role in the Environmental Movement


Group Website:

First Place:  The Disease of Hope:  Mao’s Great Leap Forward

Second Place:  Marauders without Merit? The Luddites in 19th Century Great Britain

Third Place:  Radio: The Revolutionary Innovation that Changed the World


Individual Documentary Film:

First Place:  Solidarity

Second Place:  Gwangju Uprising

Third Place: Bob Dylan Goes Electric


Group Documentary Film: 

First Place:  Reshaping Womanhood Through Fashion—Coco Chanel

Second Place:  China’s Economic Reform

Third Place:  Sputnik


Individual Dramatic Performance:

First Place:  Selma to Montgomery


Group Dramatic Performance:

First Place:  Hearing the Deaf Speak: The Milan Congress of 1880

Second Place:  The Revolution of Canning

Third Place:  The Soong Sisters: Witnesses to Revolution

Group Dramatic Performance Winners!