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Angel Island: Reaching Gim San

Foreign Settlement in Shanghai

Leads to Lifelong Learning

Letter of invitation from the Western History Association to Concordia students to teach about their research at the WHA’s annual meeting


2015 NHD China competition is here!

NHD Asia 2015 Registration Form (PDF)

* Communicate intent to participate to Mark.Johnson@concordiashanghai.org by Jan. 7, 2015 (project title, category, names of students, school)

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* Projects due to History Day organizers by Feb. 5, 2015

* Day of the contest: Saturday, March 7, 2015

Keynote Speaker: David Silbey

David Silbey

David Silbey, Associate Director of the Cornell in Washington program

David Silbey, author of The Boxer Rebellion and the Great Game in China,is the associate director of the Cornell in Washington program where he teaches courses on European history and modern military history. His other books include A War of Empire and Frontier: The Philippine-American War, 1899-1902.

2015 Rule Changes

Official NHD 2015 Rule Book

 2015 NHD Theme: Leadership & Legacy 


History Day Teacher Training Workshop: April 25, 2015!

Save the date!!!


Dr. Cathy Gorn, Executive Director of National History Day, addresses the audience at Shanghai History Day 2011

More News!

NHD East Asia wins 1st place in Group Website at NHD 2012!

The Great Leap Forward: The Disease of Hope

Check out this impressive Humanities Magazine article on the 2012 National History Day competition in Maryland: Historians in Training

Norm Augustine, former undersecretary of the Army, and retired chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin, recently wrote a Wall Street Journal editorial attesting to the importance of effective history education.  Read it here first!

Norm Augustine’s WSJ Editorial

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